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    Statement of Philosophy

    We will constantly strive to deliver our services-auditing, accounting, tax, and management advisory services to our clients at the highest possible level of competence. Maintaining a system of quality control will insure this. Further, we will concern ourselves intimately with our clients’ problems, utilizing our knowledge and experience to help our clients attain the satisfaction that comes with problems solved and goals achieved.

    Our desire is to attract clients of good moral and ethical fiber, respected members of the business community who will value our professional services. We will never compromise our integrity to any client, to our own profession, to our community or to our employees.

    It is our intention to grow not only within Texarkana but also outside of Texarkana. Growth is necessary to provide a broader sense of interests for our people, to maintain a better educational program and to keep up with the growth of our clients. However, this growth must be orderly and controlled so that the quality of service to our clients is not jeopardized.

    Our staff shall be composed of persons with outstanding qualifications who will work in harmony with these stated objectives. We shall always operate as a close-knit group, never as a collection of individual entrepreneurs or other type of fragmented entity. On behalf of our staff, we will maintain a continuing program of educational opportunities for self-improvement. As a minimum, we will require compliance with the continuing professional education programs of the states in which we practice. We will always strive to maintain an internal climate conducive to maximizing each employee’s potential. The size of the organization shall be solely determined by our ability to obtain the high-competency staff to satisfy the needs of our clients.

    Our fees shall be fair and reasonable. The fees will be based according to the complexity of the assignment and the type of service we offer.

    Consistent with our desire to be good citizens of the community and a positive force in our own profession, we will participate in various professional activities, civic organizations, and charitable causes.

    All in all, we hope to remain an organization that is enjoyable to work for and is rewarding to work with.


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